Avid Amiri addresses the importance of identifying the right online niche for internet marketing success in the below article.

April 29, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

Over the past few years I have been involved with many internet enterprises across various industry categories both in mass and niche commerce segments.  Where historically it may have been common practice to target or optimize sites around major industry key terms, it is now becoming progressively more important to focus sites around more microcosmic sets of niche key terms.

This is not only a critical component for the success of a web business but also one key to their survival. Let me put this in terms of a more specific example: If a web entrepreneur is looking to launch a successful business or internet enterprise in the garden space, they may begin evaluating major terms such as garden supplies, garden furniture or garden equipment.  These are very competitive terms replete with very staunch and well established competition.

Apart from some many robust garden websites, there are also major big box stores that are competing for these terms online and these brands may include Home Depot or Lowes.  Some of these major brands are actively involved in website product sales or ecommerce while still others are positioned online for brand building purposes only. In the case of these major key terms, you would be looking to move into territories already dominated by various megalithic internet players that already have ownership of the key pieces of internet “real estate” within these markets.  These may be companies that have a 5-10 year head start with their websites in those segments.  It would be very difficult to carve out a position in these categories given the robustness and legacy based positioning of many of these companies.  It would also be exceedingly expensive to engage in Pay Per Click or paid advertising and generate any real market share in these markets given the size of the competitors and the strength of their advertising budgets.

I would suggest the enterprise of looking at underserved markets or “need gaps” as an effective strategy in building one’s business. As in the above example, the solution may be to look not necessarily at terms like “garden furniture” but smaller niche terms that fall into sub segments of these broader categories.  This may include a term like “garden benches” or “outdoor chaise lounges”.

This will result in the development of a defensible web business and a firm that has optimized for key terms for which one can realistically rank.  What is interesting about these niche key terms are the richness of terms that exist in what one might perceive ostensibly as very small or limited category.  While a terms like “garden benches” may not appear at first blush to be a term that produces large volumes of traffic, the terms has very consistent and solid search query volumes.  Moreover, the fragmentation of the key term also has reasonable depth.  Therefore, related searches in the industry may include terms like “teak garden benches”, “stone garden benches”, etc.

While a term like “teak garden benches” may sound obscure, it may be a term that drives 10 or so new visitors to your site daily.  If you have 10 of these such key term rankings, that can provide your site with a healthy boost of 100 or more targeted visitors daily and a good source of diversified traffic.  Moreover, this traffic is very specific and, as a result, higher converting.  What I mean by that is a customer who is looking very specifically at garden benches but has identified that they are focused on “teak” will be more likely to make buying decision when they find a site that carriers these items.  The conversion rate on this customer will be higher for a term like “teak garden benches” versus the more generic terms “garden benches” and also significantly higher than a very holistic term like “garden furniture”.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, it is the aggregation of various key terms that len a diverse and well-fortified flow of traffic to one’s website. Moreover, the diversity of these terms delivers a strong hedge against SEO or traffic risk.  This traffic risk can serve as a real concern for many web entrepreneurs who may rank on one search engine for one key terms.  The loss of that key term on that search engine could prove devastating to the overall traffic health of the website.

In summary, I would suggest that one launch an internet enterprise with a conception of a strong niche in mind.  Look for underserved markets on the web where one can secure a strong foothold without having to take one well established, megalithic players. Also, look to generate a site with a diverse optimization strategy that allows for second tier key term rankings.


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