Basic Guide To Content For SEO

May 5, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

One of the central things to focus on in content development for your website is the creation of high quality sharable content.  Content should be generated for users first, then for the search engine.  While the temptation is to focus on keyword stuffing and other on site SEO techniques to improve the traction of content in the search engine, please remember that this may actually prove to be detrimental to your website as the search engines are keen to content that they may perceive as “spammy”.  Therefore build your content so that it augments the quality of your users experience while visit your site, not simply for the search engines.  While the goal of creating a positive user experience though usable, quality content is paramount, the higher the quality of the content the greater number of inbound links this content will generate.  This process occurs naturally as that content is referenced as a resource for more information on a topic by others sites.

Other strategies for content production include maintaining an active blog on your website.  This is also a very cogent way to produce links and typically sites that do statistically receive more links.  Once again, the key idea here is to create quality blog posts that will encourage readers to bookmark and link to your blog or its individual posts.

I also recommend any authority guides or how to articles.  This can be especially helpful in certain industries were consumers are actively seeking out specialized or helpful information.  Examples of this may be a “Do-it-yourself” guide to cabin filter replacement if you are in the automotive segment, or cheap and effective ways to accomplish various other objectives in other markets.  Don’t forget to embed links back to the commercial segment or shopping cart of your webstore or to offer affiliate banners that direct visitors to websites that also have these products for sale so that you can also benefit from the monetary value of these visitors.  Consumers are actively performing searches online for informational keywords and strong articles or guides that apply to these searches will also rapidly gain search engine placement as well for these terms if the content is unique and well developed.

If you are in the pet market and have a an amazing technique for potty training  your pet or if you have some fantastic recipes from your Grandma that you feel would benefit the visitors to your culinary website, take the time to thoughtfully compose this into shareable and digestible content and share this with the world! Your visitors will benefit but so will website in the form of new links and higher authority.  Note, generally the higher the quality and usefulness of your content, the more you are likely to see that content referenced by high PR and respected sites in your industry, therefore, these free guides and how to articles cannot be understated. Be sure not to stop just with these in written format but videos, slide and graphics will also be extremely helpful in link production.  A phenomenal comparison chart for selecting the right organic dog food is a quick and easy way for consumers to collect prior to making a buying decision and with embedded links to these products coupled with “On Sale Now” icons that direct customers back to your shopping cart, this can be a great way to produce additional sales.

A final caveat on this topic is to organize all your content on your website in a coherent way.  The goal is to develop your site and to expand it with high quality content without producing excess clutter on your site, therefore, include a homepage link to a learning center and then organize all your content so it is logical, accessible, and easy to find.


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