Helping Utah Business Owners Improve Traffic Through Local Search

June 2, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

I recently spent some time working with local business owner in Utah in order to provide guidance on how to better market their online businesses using local search with Google.  Below is a quick guide to what we discussed:


First it is worth noting that Google claims that over seventy percent of all search activity come from local searches. Therefore, this is not a marketing channel that you want to take lightly.  Yellow Page listings have become antiquated in favor of local online searches and Google’s highly placed local business results are crucial.  These local listings results can provide high levels of conversion for business owners and favorable unpaid advertising.


For the Utah business owners I spoke with, the number one thing I suggested is the development of a strong Google + account.  This is a simple process but I encourage business owners to ensure that they completely populate their Google + listing.  Google will penalize listings that are incomplete.  Therefore, I strongly advise taking the setup of this account very seriously.  Moreover, one should select very specific categories for your business to allow Google to better refine results.  Once the listing is live it is important to start encouraging your customers to use the Google + review function to add meaningful reviews.  This will help accelerate the higher positioning of ones Google + account and reviews are also meaningful for customers as well.  You are seeking thoughtful positive reviews that new customers can read and considers as neutral assessments of your business.  Strong reviews can encourage new customers to make a buying decision with your firm even after they have found you in the results.


I also explained to the Utah business owners the importance of providing links to their websites on their Google + accounts.  This will drive traffic to your site as well as strengthen the legitimacy of your listing.  Last I conveyed to the Utah business owners I spoke with that if they have had other past business addresses, they will want their addresses online to be as consistent as possible.  Therefore, if you have a Manta listing or a listing on the Better Business Bureau these addresses should all be consistent and current.  Google will penalize a business that has various addresses across different sites.


In summary, business owners should not underestimate the value of local searches.  The Utah business owners I spoke with were able to see positive results by employing some basic strategies, notably a well-constructed Google + account.  These simple steps should also help you in your rankings on Google and improve your online visibility for local searches.

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