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Digital Marketing 2017: Top 100 Influencers To Follow

March 3, 2017
Posted by avidamiri

The area of digital marketing is an ever-changing and fast evolving field.  Following and tracking the right thought leaders in this space is therefore especially important.  New insights, strategies, tools, and tips can be helpful for the neophyte or more advanced digital marketing practitioner alike. For me, while I suggest following thought leaders within the […]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

January 26, 2017
Posted by avidamiri

With the constant rate of change in technology and digital marketing, 2017 will see some new marketing channels becoming more pervasive. It will also be a year where old standbys become more prominent or take more leading roles. I have itemized or listed (in no particular order or hierarchy) some of the top digital marketing […]

Legal History Of Any Business Acquisition

June 24, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

Examining the Legal History Of Any Business Acquisition As Part of Due Diligence: Has the Business Being Considered Ever Been Involved In Any Lawsuits? Proper due diligence prior to any potential website purchase is always advisable.  In particular, it is always suggested to ask a seller about the legal history of the business being considered. […]

Helping Utah Business Owners Improve Traffic Through Local Search

June 2, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

I recently spent some time working with local business owner in Utah in order to provide guidance on how to better market their online businesses using local search with Google.  Below is a quick guide to what we discussed:   First it is worth noting that Google claims that over seventy percent of all search […]