Online Content Marketing, Big Data and Data Science

August 3, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

As a first time ecommerce entrant, you may be exposed to the following concepts for the first time: data science and content marketing

First lets take a quick looks at data science and the role this plays with your web business. The purpose of evaluating data sets is to spot trends.  This can assist with identifying new correlations as well which can be turned into new sales or spotting issues before they impact your website’s performance.  While many people review Google Analytics on their own and attempt to draw inferences, there are now many online tools that can assist with this.  Moreover, most higher end shopping carts will provide you with the interpreted data and metrics in lucid and easy to understand format.  The goal of these new systems is to provide actionable data so that this can be interpreted easily by the website owner.  Fortunately, a website owner will not require the analysis of big data that would require tens of servers working together on a parallel level or the review of hundreds of gigabytes of data.  Most of the key metrics associated with website performance, such as checkout conversions, bounce rates, etc. can all be managed by most of these software systems that now come standard issue or as plug ins with an existing e-commerce package in exchange for a monthly fee.  These fees are generally very affordable ($100-200 per month) however the value of any data science can be inestimable in running and managing your business.

In terms of content marketing, the goal is to create value to others by providing relevant and usable content and then sharing this content with your key user group. This may be informational material, short video segments, as well as all other forms of content media. The goal of this strategic approach is to ultimately drive revenue or profitable consumer activity.  Therefore, information or content shared should be consistent and germane to your market segment and ultimately usable by the recipient.  I suggest referring to the articles on content production elsewhere in my blog for tips, techniques and strategies for content production.  However, the key to note here is the importance of quality content that enhances the user experience of consumers with your website or your website’s brand.  Some examples of content marketing channels are the production of case studies, how-to guides, frequently asked question articles, high quality images, youtube videos, podcasts, ebooks as well as much more. Therefore, if one is selling bird feeders online, it would make sense to have an ebook authored on topics like where best to place your bird feeder, what types of bird seed is suggested, as well as various of topics that would be of interest to your consumer.  You may further support that with a quick video outlining this same information as well as convert this as a pod cast. 

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