SEO Preliminaries – Educational or Training Requirement Recommended

June 24, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

I am often asked what kind of education or preliminary training is required for search engine optimization wok. Moreover, many people ask what is required to learn the intricacies of ecommerce and the production of successful online stores. As an ardent auto-didactic, my answer is typically always the same and that is that a good deal of training can be performed on your own through practice and experimentation. While I secured an MBA, this degree is useful but not an essential component of being successful in this field. There are many thriving SEO practitioners that are largely self-taught. I generally suggest that first time internet entrepreneurs or fledgling SEO practitioners start by developing a small portfolio of test sites.


These may serve as the first round of assets where one can try various strategies online to see what techniques and practices generate the best results in terms of traffic generation and search engine placements. This may be 6 or 7 websites that are all equipped with several pages of content in niche areas. I have described in other articles the tips and techniques for category selection but by way of quick synopsis, the best thing one can do is seek out categories that represent sub segments of large industry verticals.


Therefore, if one is looking to move into the “kids bedding” market, you may look to subdivide that industry in to leading long tail search terms or second or third tier search expressions. This may include terms like “kids superhero bedding”, “kids truck bedding”, “kids dinosaur bedding” etc. These may appear at first examination to be very granular terms. However, many of these terms do in fact receive thousands of searches monthly and have quite a bit of very rich keyword activity. There are tools online to assess keyword activity and these include Word Tracker and even the Google Adwords Tool. I encourage people to think creatively for many household terms that may be commonplace but outside of the scope of larger ecommerce stores.


If one is searching for household terms, one may consider the sale of pillows online. While I would suggest this is on the right track, this is still going to be a very large and competitive terms. Therefore, I would advise developing a site around “bath pillows” or another sub segment term. I recognize and acknowledge that you web business will never become a million dollar business but if one accretes several of these sites, one may be able to develop a million dollar portfolio over time.


Once one has assembled these sites, I would be sure to break up the hosting so they are not all hosted at the same place as Google will evaluate hosting as an algorithmic coefficient. Therefore, I strongly suggest taking the additional time to break up the hosting of your portfolio of sites. Once you have accomplished this, I would start submitting sites to various online directories, link building, publishing external content etc. in order to see which sites respond the fastest and also which sites do not improve or remain stagnant.


The strategies for SEO are covered in other articles I have authored and that are available online. However, the key is to get online and to start trying things. If you make a mistake and Google assigns a penalty to that site, you will see the impact in your results and you will be sure to avoid that technique in future. With sites that were designed for experimental purposes and where initial investment was very low, you have room to make mistakes as part of the overall learning process. Please note, you do not want to experiment with client websites or established sites you may have purchased as the risk is to great and you may result in more value destruction than creation.


I advise that throughout the process you keep an active journal for all your sites. I also encourage that you maintain a presence on various SEO chat boards and forums where you can share your results with other likeminded SEOs. After several months of building sites and optimizing them from the ground up you will work your way up this intellectual learning curve. Moreover, the odds are that with an initial

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