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Is SEO Still Worthwhile? – An Interview With Avid Amiri, SEO Consultant

July 7, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

It is a sunny afternoon in downtown Salt Lake City, and I am sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a cold drink. I have a chance to interview one of the top SEO Industry experts in this part of the country, Avid Amiri.  Avid is a Cornell MBA graduate who spends much of his time tutoring entrepreneurs and […]

Legal History Of Any Business Acquisition

June 24, 2016
Posted by avidamiri

Examining the Legal History Of Any Business Acquisition As Part of Due Diligence: Has the Business Being Considered Ever Been Involved In Any Lawsuits? Proper due diligence prior to any potential website purchase is always advisable.  In particular, it is always suggested to ask a seller about the legal history of the business being considered. […]